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TMS in Depression & OCD: 2-Day Course in Munich- July 2020


Presented by: Annika Simlacher

TMS is a well-researched and evidence-based intervention, proven to have sustainable effects in patients with major depression, as well as OCD. When combined with Psychotherapy, studies show there is a 66% chance of response, while 56% of those who respond maintain positive effects at 6 months follow up (see Donse et al. 2017)

In this workshop participants receive hands-on training workshop, covering the use and theoretical background of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation to treat Major Depression in clinical practice. It also presents emerging evidence as a therapy and protocols to treat OCD, as well as optimized benefits when combined with Psychotherapy and Sleep Hygiene Maintenance. Participants will receive an overview of TMS intake and safe delivery protocols. The prediction of treatment outcomes and QEEG markers of response and no-response to TMS will also be presented. The presenters will also introduce the new technique of Neuro-Cardiac Guided TMS (NCG-TMS), a state-of-the-art technique to accurately locate the DLPFC in stimulation.

This course will also present comparable neuromodulation techniques such as tDCS.  This training follows a 1-Day tDCS Workshop. Please refer to the training calendar for more details.

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Kapazität 17
  • Rindermarkt 7, 80331 Munich

  • 25.08.20
    3:46 am - 25.08.20 - 3:46 am
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